275 Gallon IBC Totes, Water Tanks
Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is an industrial standard for transporting and storing water and fluids.
These 275 Gal. tanks include a chemical resistant food grade HDPE container supported by a galvanized tubular steel cage and integrated hybrid pallet.

These were used once for olive or sunflower oil, or vinegar
2" Butterfly Valve Drain at the bottom
8" Filler Cap at the top
Easily rinsed with a garden hose
Easily connects to a downspout for rainwater harvesting using standard plumbing adapters.
Base is standard pallet size
40" x 48" x 44" to 47" tall (they vary)
Weight is about 100 pounds.
Some have wood pallets, some have metal pallets.
Stackable up to 3 high
Fits most pickup truck beds (check vehicle's load capacity for safe usage)
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Check out ideas for uses online:
Job site water storage, Aquaponics, gardening, rain barrels, dog house, chicken coup, rabbit hutch, bait tank, hot tub, kiddie pool, shower, submarine, firewood, rainwater storage, septic tank, cherry picker, desk cubicle, pond, lights, hay feeder, mobile bar, hunting blind, spraying system....

For illustration purposes, a few stock photos from the manufacturer are added to the pictures of the ones we have for sale.

Please note:  These are temporarily out of stock, but we expect to have more available soon!

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