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 The CH25 incremental encoder is perfect for high cycle, continuous turn applications ranging from electric motors and packaging machines to conveyor systems and elevators.
The CH25 comes with a 2.5-inch square flange, 3/8-inch diameter shaft, push-pull driver and an M12 connector, and accepts a wide input voltage from 5 to 30 VDC.

Output   Push-Pull
Housing   Square
Housing material   Aluminium
Size mm 70x70x78 mm
Connection   M12, 8 Pin
Supply voltage V 5-30 VDC
Protection class   IP67, IP65
Switching frequency Hz 1024 PPT
Manufacturer   Celesco
Type number   CH25-1024
Operating temperature ºC -20...+83 degrees C
Features   M12 Connector, IP67

Gently used. In excellent condition.

Includes cord: Turck RKC 8T-2/S618 Connector on one end only.



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