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Excellent condition. This came from a Perkin Elmer facility that closed.

These baths are ideal for industrial or laboratory applications with a wide variety of temperature control requirements.
The compact footprint maximizes bench space. Robust refrigeration system with metering control provides fast heat removal and stable temperatures.
Industrial-grade circulating pumps deliver extra pressure providing more efficient heat exchange, better temperature uniformity, and improved reservoir agitation.
Added pump pressure provides greater flexibility on where you place the circulator. Long-life high-wattage heaters deliver fast fluid heat up for applications requiring rapid fluctuations. Over-temperature and low-level cutouts protect baths from adverse events. Secondary, user-settable over-temperature thermostat provides an added level of security.
Outlet connections are 1⁄4'' NPT(M).

Standard Digital Controller Bath

  • Digital technology at an analog price

Bath features ±0.05°C temperature stability down to -20°C. The LED readout lets you continuously monitor fluid temperature, simply press a button to display set temperature. Rapidly change set point with rotary encoder or with three user-selectable preset temperature set points. Read temperature in °C or °F. High-temperature cutoff and low-liquid cutoff ensure safe operation.
Vertical design saves valuable lab space. Switch-selectable two-speed pump has 1/4" NPT(F) inlet/outlet ports, which accept 13-mm ID tubing.

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