Gage Port gage to RS-232 converter
Observational Systems, Inc.

From the manufacturer's brochure:

With the GagePort family of interface modules, you can collect data from virtually any type of digital, RS232, or
analog measurement device using any host computer or data collector.

In manufacturing, tracking your production
process and rapidly identifying and solving quality problems are critical to maintaining your company’s competitive
edge. This requires capturing and analyzing a variety of data and processes – from dimensional measuring
equipment, weighing scales, temperature and pressure sensors, torque wrenches and fastening systems. SPC
workstations, shop floor data collectors, quality analysis software and other quality management systems give you an
automated way to transfer data directly from machines and processes to host systems for error-free, real-time quality

But you also need a universal way to convert the electronic output of any measurement gage or device into
the standard RS232/ASCII format your host system needs – whether that’s a dedicated data collector, a PC, a
minicomputer or a mainframe. You need the GagePort family of interface modules.

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